Fontina Petrakopoulou

I am a Ramón y Cajal Fellow (accredited associate professor) at the Department Thermal and Fluid Engineering of the University Carlos III of Madrid. I am also currently leading the research line Water-Energy Nexus of the Department.

My goal is to study and develop energy conversion processes and methods that support the sustainable development in the energy sector. The tools I use are simulation software and analyses based on costs, economics and environmental impacts. By focusing on original structures, we aim to target knowledge gaps on sustainable power plants for hybrid and polygeneration (renewable- and fossil-based) for zero-emission and zero-water operation.

Take a look at my research lines here and a short Curriculum Vitae here.

University Carlos III of Madrid
Avda. de la universidad 30
28911 Leganés (Madrid)
Office: 1.1.D.3 (Edificio Betancourt)
email: fpetrako@ing.uc3m.es
Fontina Petrakopoulou Fontina Petrakopoulou Fontina Petrakopoulou