Fontina Petrakopoulou

Professor in Energy Engineering
Phone number: +34 91 624 9935
Office: 1.1.D.18 (Edificio Betancourt, Campus Leganes)

Curriculum Vitae

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I am a Ramón y Cajal Professor (tenure-track) at the Department Thermal and Fluid Engineering of the University Carlos III of Madrid. I am also currently leading the research line Water-Energy Nexus of the Department.

I received my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Crete (2005) and my Ph.D. in Energy Engineering from the Technical University of Berlin (2010). I have worked as a researcher in Germany, Spain and Greece holding European Fellowships (Marie-Curie Actions, 2006-2018).

My work focuses on the simulation and optimization of energy conversion processes using thermodynamic, economic and environmental criteria. The energy conversion processes I study include, among others, renewable- and fossil-based power plants,biofuel generation processes and zero-emission energy processes (including CO2 capture).

My research lines include:

I have taught courses on heat transfer and the optimization of thermodynamic systems and have supervised a large number of bachelor and master theses. I have been honoured with a best paper award and my Ph.D. thesis was chosen as one the three best in Germany by RWE AG. I am the author of various journal articles and book chapters and have participated in numerous international conferences and workshops.





Selected publications (For full list see here)
Since 2010, I have published 33 peer-reviewed journal papers. I am the first author in 26 of these papers and sole author in 3 (four more are currently in preparation). I have also published 2 chapters in books, 5 technical reports and written 2 sets of lecture notes.

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